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Since its launch in September 2017 Yardrive Jamaica Vehicle Search or Yardrive.com is quickly becoming the the favourite website destination for people seeking to buy used and new cars in Jamaica. Yardrive brings together vehicles from private sellers, car marts (auto dealaerships), insurance companies and others. By putting all these vehicles for sale on one platform, it creates a huge marketplace of vehicles available for search. Yardrive's eye catching and user friendly website also employed great features such as 24 hour messaging to the sellers, google maps of car marts locations, request test drive feature, request call back feature and make an offer online feature, with funtionalities like these Yardrive online classifieds listings makes it easy for car shoppers to search and find cars for sale in Jamaica.

The features of Yardrive.com website did not stop there, options are also available to apply for an auto (car) loan or get an insurance quote online.. Yardrive Automotive Solutions Limited is also introducing some excellent options for extended vehicle warranty to the Jamaican market, these warranties can protect a consumers vehicle from 3 months to 3 years, well beyond the suggested 90 days offered by some certified dealers in Jamaica.

With a great looking and well functioning app in the google play store (search for Yardrive Jamaica) Yardrive Automotive Solutions Limited is engaging customers on the go, even without the app the mobile version of the website was designed for ease of use, yet still with a great look, other car search sites may have many vehicles but lack the great user experience and great features that make yardrive.com so attractve. Independent reviews of the website itself have concluded that despite the great features Yardrive Automotive Solutions Limited has surprisingly enough made Yardrive.com one of the lowest priced and most cost effective media avenues available when trying to sell a motor vehicle in Jamaica, estimates have shown that the cost for private sellers ranges from free to less than 10% of what it would cost you with the gleaner other car search sites in Jamaica.

This platform enables users to do a Dealer Search, almost all dealers in Jamaica are listed on the site for easy search and find, the system presents phone numbers addresses map location and a convenient message box to message the dealers directly online. As far as ehicle search goes your options have never been so many, you have the ability to search by make, model, parish, price range, year range, used , new, crashed, vehicle type, mileage.. You are actually in total control for the first time.

If you are wondering why Yardrive Automotive Solutions Limited seem to have gotten it rigt, rest assured it is not by accident, Yardrive.com is a part of a network that provides similar services to consumers, auto dealers and lenders in Canada. Omar the brains behind the operation has been in the automotive and financial services business for over 13 yrs now, with a wealth of professional experience and automotive accredation from Georgian College its easy to see the coming together of such a well designed platform.

As far as reviews are concerned Yardrive.com continues to get high marks from reviewers and users alike.

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Yardrive Automotive Solutions Limited encourages any and all car shoppers and sellers in Jamaica to contact us for help if needed, we are here to serve and is always happy to assist.