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You can list your vehicle by whatsapp by sending us the following:

(1). Pictures: Send us up to 8 pictures of your vehicle
(2). Price: Whatsapp us the price you are seeking, or use "Call For Price" or "Make An Offer"
(3). Name: Give us your contact name for example John Simpson or Mr. Simpson
(4). Specs (optional): Your vehicle specifications, such as Mileage, RHD, Colour etc.

Our Whatsapp Number: 1-876-630-4494 - Add us to your whatsapp contacts.

Price For Ads: $600 JMD for 30 day AD or atleast $1100 JMD for until sold AD.

Payment Methods: We accept Debit/Credit Card (In Office), Paypal, Digicel Credit, Paymaster and Online Bank Transfers.

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When you want to sell quickly, Yardrive Jamaica is the perfect place to showcase cars for sale in Jamaica! Click Here to get it listed it in 3 easy steps.

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Then all that is left to do is connect with your potential buyers, negotiate and complete sale.

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